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Welcome to Softcare Asia Ltd.

Softcare is a range of products designed to make your life easier. Our product protects textiles against liquids, water and oil based stains. It does not leave any poisonous, harmful or allergy-causing compounds in the textile. It is safe to use anywhere and 100% eco-friendly. A single treatment can add years to your textiles!

Imagine doubling the lifetime of your textiles, at the same time saving up to 80 per cent of your maintenance costs! The product range includes protectors and cleaners for upholstered furniture, other interior textiles and various surfaces.

Softcare treatment has no smell, is colorless and invisible, and you cannot feel it. You can see it only when it is already working. Liquids are pearling on the textile surface and dirt won’t soak into the fibers.  It’s hard to believe before you see it by yourself. Try it!

Softcare Asia Ltd. is the license holder of Softcare’s made in Finland products in whole Fareast. Soft Protector has been in business for 24 years, being one of the pioneers in textile protection and treatment in the aftercare market. With the continuously growing success in Europe, we successfully introduced Softcare’s bestselling products into the Asian Market.

Softcare textile Protector makes textiles water/oil repellent and dirt resistant without changing the feel, appearance or color of the textile. It doesn’t smell and it doesn’t effect to the flammability or burning properties.

The products are available according to customers’ needs in different sizes of containers for professional use and in handy consumer bottles for retailing. There is a broad range where the protection can be used. Wherever textiles meet the realities of daily life and its accidents.

Softcare protector can be used on all types of textiles, leathers, papers and other porous fiber surfaces such as furniture, carpets, curtains and other decorative items, clothing, vehicles, wallpapers.

The most common places where our protection is being used are hotels, cruise ships, cinemas, restaurants, airplanes, restaurants, nursery- and elderly homes, public transport industry and, last but not least, in our homes.

The brand SOFTCARE is a registered trademark of Soft Protector Ltd., Finland.


SoftCare products have a wide variety of suitable applications.

Airports & Airlines

Public Transportation

Car Industry

Sports & Fitness Centers

Retail Stores

Many more...

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