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Softcare benefits all kind of interiors. Public places, hotels, cruise ships, cinemas, restaurants, nursery- and elderly homes, public transport and last, but not least in our homes.

Practically there are no limits for using Softcare. Wherever there is a risk of spilling and soiling you can use it to protect. Softcare protector can be used on all types of textiles, leathers, papers and other porous fiber surfaces such as furniture, carpets, curtains and other decorative items, clothing, vehicles, wallpapers; wherever textiles meets the realities of daily life and its accidents.

It is the modern way of saving costs and nerves. The protection doesn’t eat the dirt but it helps dramatically when cleaning the textiles. You will see the difference immediately. All type of dirt, either water based or oil based, are easy to clean. In most cases you just wipe off the dirt with a piece of soft cloth or paper. Dried spots can be easily cleaned with a piece of wet cloth. Our experience shows that almost 90% of cleaning after treatment can be made with clean water. You don’t get anymore-visible stains on your valuable textile items. The need of cleaning and washing is also remarkable lower than without protection.

With Softcare protection, the lifetime of interior textiles can be doubled. It means savings not only on maintenance but also when investing in new ones. On top of that, you may choose those light colored furniture after all.

Today more and more textiles and clothing are already treated on mill level with dirt- and water repellency products. They lose their effect little by little on wear and use. With Softcare products you can retreat all those products again without any doubts and get back all the preferred properties.

Check out YouTube to get an idea of the many applications of SoftCare Products.

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SoftCare products have a wide variety of application。

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