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The Product

The Product

Softcare is a Fluorpolymer-based product either in water- or alcohol-solution. Soft Protector has developed the recipes together with the best scientists in this area. The main task has always been to develop a product with the best possible performance, easy to use with highest safety for the end user and the environment. We believe that we have reached those targets, although the product development is an endless process. With the feedback from our customers and applicators combined with the latest technology makes it possible.

Softcare textile Protector makes textiles water/oil repellent and dirt resistant without changing the feel or appearance or color of the textile. It doesn’t smell and it doesn’t effect to the flammability or burning properties of the textile. Softcare is not toxic or harmful for the user or to the environment and it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions.

The products are available according to customers’ needs in different sizes of containers for professionals and in handy consumer bottles for retailing.

Practically there are no limits for using Softcare. Wherever there are textiles in use and in risk of soiling you can protect them. Softcare textile Protector can be used on all types of textiles, leathers, papers and other porous fiber surfaces such as furniture, carpets, curtains and other decorative items, clothing, vehicles, wallpapers; where ever textiles meets the realities of daily life and its accidents.  There are also other Softcare products available for stone, clay, wood and sandblast glass surfaces for protection and maintenance.